Jealous boxer dog groans at human parents smooching!

The green eyes monster can strike at any moment and dogs are no different when it comes to feeling jealousy. They’re as much part of the family as any other member and when they see their owners getting all close and personal, they get a little upset. Watch what this boxer dog does when he sees his human parents getting affectionate.

Rocco is an adorable boxer who wants cuddles and kisses just like any other dog. Heck, I would say like any other person. All of us want some affection and loving. So, when he sees his owners getting cozy without him, he feels rather left out. His well timed groans and whines are perfect in ruining the loving mood and instead has the owners in stitches at his jealous antics.

It’s almost like he’s saying, “Make some room for me on that couch!” I hope this pooch got lots of cuddles and smooches after this video. He deserves the attention!

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