Jeanne Robertson’s Comical “Miracle Cure For Wrinkles” Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

America’s funniest lady, Jeanne Robertson, has a new wrinkle treatment to share with the world that’s simply miraculous. Who knew pickles were the secret to a fresh new face?

As former Miss North Carolina and Miss Congeniality, Robertson knows a thing or two about looking her best. That’s why she set out to try a new miracle wrinkle cream that claims to “take years off your face.”

Robertson, wrapped in a fluffy white bathrobe and head towel, lathers the thick white goop onto her face and realizes the product requires cucumbers to get the full effect. So, she improvises with some tasty hamburger dill chips from the fridge.

After waiting the recommended 45 minutes while lounging on the back porch, it’s finally time for the big reveal, and you won’t believe Robertson’s new youthful appearance.

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