Jeff Dunham Comes Onstage With His Puppet. But What The Puppet Has To Say? ROFL!

Jeff Dunham is a mind-blowing ventriloquist and he has numerous characters he likes to bring onstage with him for his performances. His comedy acts always leave his audience roaring with laughter. One of his most favored sidekicks is Peanut. This puppet is energetic and he just won’t stop talking! He insults everyone, but that just makes the crowd love him even more.

The video below features a performance featuring Jeff and Peanut. It’s from “Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself,” a stage performance which was taped in Santa Ana, California. The DVD was released on April 11, 2006. You’ll be in hysterics when you see what Peanut has in store for this performance! He doesn’t even spare differently-abled people!

What amazes me about Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquist abilities is how quickly he can switch back and forth between the character’s voice and his own. Peanut is no exception. This is a fast-paced and hilarious routine. It starts out with a dig at one of life’s most frustrating situations. Bad cell phone service! Make sure you’re listening, because it is fast-paced and so funny because it’s true!

No one escapes being made fun of in this routine, including the deaf and blind, but it’s all in good fun and it is hilarious. When he talks about the sign language interpreter at their last show? Hysterical. What a great performance by Dunham and Peanut.

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