Jeff Foxworthy with ‘Redneck Fashion Tips’

Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian every American can admire and enjoy. He doesn’t have a problem with laughing at himself, and that’s what makes him so funny. He’s “Mr. Everybody,” and that’s why we love him.

Foxworthy is infamous for his hilarious “redneck” line of sketches and comedy which is a playful, tongue-in-cheek bit about us Southerners that sometimes is so true, and we can’t help but laugh.


In his hilarious sketch below, he delivers more laughs we can relate to by telling us a little story about what happened the last time he went to Walmart (for a book signing), and he has some funny observations. I think we can all say how much we love Walmart, but we all have that one crazy tale we like to tell, am I right? You know it!

Needless to say, Jeff doesn’t disappoint. As a true Southerner and a proud redneck, he doesn’t hold back the punches or the punchlines. As much as we try not to laugh, it’s just too darn funny. His fashion tips are over-the-top hilarious. Enjoy!

Jeff Foxworthy with \'Redneck Fashion Tips\'