Jennifer Hudson and Pentatonix take centre stage to perform spine-chilling Christmas song

Christmas carols and hymns regularly get the re-vamp treatment every year as bands and artists stamp their particular talent on classic tunes. Covering everything from Little Town of Bethlehem to Band-Aid and Fairy Tale in New York, we’re treated to new versions to great songs each holiday. And truth be told, they can really be hit or miss. We think this one by acapella group Pentatonix, featuring the more than capable lungs of Grammy and Oscar-winning singer Jennifer Hudson – is a definite hit.

It matter’s not if you’re a person of faith, this version of “How Great Thou Art” will make the hairs stand on the back of your neck, such is the ability of the singers here and how well they fuse together. The number aired on the group’s now annual “A Very Pentatonix Christmas” show, and with this particular video having been viewed nearly 7 million times, they’ve clearly got the fanbase to do it. And what a showstopper this number proved to be.

Hudson, clearly drawing on gospel choir roots, belts out the tune flawlessly, much to the delight of the watching audience who cheer every big note with raucous applause. Pentatonix provides backup harmonies too, and they do a great job of complimenting Jennifer’s style. It all comes together nicely, and it would have been incredible to have been lucky enough to hear it live!

We’ve got the next best thing though, so check out this amazing performance in the video below and you can almost pretend you were there! YouTubers are going wild for it too.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!! This gives me goosebumps. Absolutely incredible,” seems to be the general theme of the reviews – and we don’t want to say, “we told you so,” but we told you so! “Wow…great performance. Jennifer need to hurry up with another album,” mentions another fan – and we couldn’t agree more. Maybe a full album of tunes with Pentatonix?!

If you’ve not seen this incredible rendition of this classic hymn, stop what you’re doing right now and get it watched. Even if it isn’t Christmas! If these guys keep doing numbers like this each year, we’ll be looking forward to the holidays even more than we already are! Don’t miss this beautiful version and share with your family and friends. These guys have some talent that’s for sure!