Jennifer Hudson Slays with Sister Act Halloween Performance

We’ve seen some showstopping Halloween performances in our time. Still, Jennifer Hudson’s first-ever Halloween episode on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” is one for the books! The talented host shows up on stage in her epic costume, taking everyone by surprise and delight.

The video clip of her performance dressed as Sister Mary Clarence—Whoopi Goldberg’s iconic character from the “Sister Act” movies—has our hearts skipping a beat. Talk about taking a trip down memory lane!

With the sparkle in her eyes, Hudson recounts how these films played an instrumental role in shaping her dreams. Wrapped in a bubble of enthusiasm, she admits, “That’s the power of an icon like Whoopi Goldberg.” Memories flood back as she shares tales of wishing to be part of the movie or just daydreaming about belting out its tunes.

Bringing the Halloween spirit alive for her talk show’s first-ever spooky holiday episode, Jennifer didn’t hold back. Her dedication to the character played by Goldberg is evident in her choice to dress up.

Hudson looks like a glitzy version of the legendary character from one of her favorite movies, “Sister Act” & “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. And what’s a tribute without the melodies? The talented host dazzles the crowd with renditions, starting with the soulful “I Will Follow Him.”

But she didn’t stop there. Her performance reaches its crescendo with riveting renditions of “Oh Happy Day” and “Joyful, Joyful.” It’s a touching nod to the vocals of Lauryn Hill from “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.” Every note seems like a heartfelt thank you to the films that inspired her.

Hudson’s performance is proof enough of her immense talent and reverence for those who paved the way. All of us watching were not just seeing a stellar performance; we were witnessing a dream come true. Don’t keep this gem to yourself! Share this mesmerizing video clip because the world deserves to witness Jennifer Hudson’s magical homage to an era gone by.

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Jennifer Hudson Slays with Sister Act Halloween Performance