Jess The Dog Does NOT Want To Get Wet While Retrieving Her Toy From The Pool!

Sloth is perhaps the most abused of all deadly sins. Don’t lie now… you have probably done son silly deed motivated by your drive to not do anything at all! However, many times this same drive can help you find clever solutions and definite a path of least effort to obtain what you get. Sometimes it might be a bit unorthodox but hey, if the results work out, who are we to judge?

Check out the video below this absolutely genius dog is no doubt motivated by his own laziness, or at the very least, he absolutely does not want to get wet! No matter, this pup definitely thinks outside the box and we all get an adorable and hilarious video to watch!

There are other instances of animals acting supremely clever out of their own volition to go beyond their limits, from the adorable dog that used his own pool to fetch his ball from the big pool, or the dog who carefully walked across a net to get his ball from the pool, this cocker spaniel named Jess is determined to get her favorite toy, but also stay somewhat dry.

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