Jimmy Asks Céline Dion To Impersonate Rihanna, And When She Starts Dancing Everyone Loses It converter

Céline Dion has had nothing if not an epic career as a singer. The Québec native has become famous throughout the world, selling hundreds of millions of albums and winning numerous awards, including 5 Grammys. Among her many hits, perhaps “My Heart Will Go On,” which featured in the movie “Titanic,” is her most famous.

Dion’s talent and good humor really sparkled on an episode The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. As regular viewers know, Fallon enjoys keeping it fun with his guests. This could mean doing a comedy sketch or playing a game of some sort. For Dion, he rolled out the “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” All you do is press the button and it goes like a slot machine, randomly selecting a song and the name of the artist whose style you have to sing it in.

Appropriately enough for the French-speaking Dion, her first song was “Frère Jacques” but she had to do it à la Cher. Most people would have been at a total loss, but she immediately launched right into a perfect rendition of this crazy combination. Next, it was Fallon’s turn. He got “One Dance” as sung by Michael Jackson. He did a great job, with Dion providing the backup vocal. Dion hits the button again and gets “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in the style of Rihanna. For this one, she had to get up and do some dance moves, including plenty of booty shaking. This sent everyone into hysterics and even Fallon couldn’t keep a straight face. Next up: Fallon singing “C is for Cookie” Johnny Cash style. Finally, Dion gives it one final go. Her interpretation of Sia singing “Hush Little Baby” was spot on!

We’ve posted the hilarious video below for you. You can add improvisation to Céline Dion’s formidable list of talents!

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