Jimmy Fallon Fools India With Veteran’s Whisper Challenge

Jimmy Fallon filled the whole audience of The Tonight Show with veterans and their families in honor of Veteran’s Day. For his military tribute, the show presented the ‘Audience Whisper Challenge.’ With all of the details vague and a well-thought-out gift from the heart in waiting, everyone was in for a surprise.

Number 418 was drawn, but no one had a clue of what was coming. After a significant pause of uncertainty, the contestant named India Horne, who is on active duty, went onto the stage. With a look of disdain on her face, a short conversation with Jimmy eased her nerves bringing big smiles all around. The guessing game starts leaving everyone laughing their heads off from the get-go. Two-rounds go by, and now she’s hooked – leaving Jimmy to unveil a big surprise.

Kids Corey and Ky, and returning active US Airforce father unite on The Tonight Show thanks to the help of Jimmy Fallon. India had no clue what was coming, and at first, looked like she didn’t want to play. Thank goodness stage fright can’t deter fate, nor everyone’s favorite host. The whole show plays along to make this one happen.