Joey + Rory Were Able To Experience Something They Had Been Missing On Valentine’s Day

Even in the midst of heartache and pain, it’s important to remember to celebrate our everyday joys. No one better appreciated this sentiment that Joey and Rory Feek, in the months leading up to Joey passing away from cervical cancer.

The couple was nominated for a Grammy for their work on the duo Joey+Rory. They watched the Grammy Awards together from the comfort of their home, and while they didn’t end up winning Rory said being nominated was enough.

Although, on further reflection, as Rory pointed out in a later blog post, it wasn’t the nomination that made the night ‘enough’ for him and Joey.

“After having more time to think about it…that’s not actually true. Instead, I would say that just being able to wake up and look into the eyes of the people we care about and tell them that we love them is enough.  Everything else is just icing on the cake. The truth is, God has blessed us with the gift of something even bigger than a Grammy award this year…perspective.”

Not long after the Grammy’s the couple celebrated Valentine’s Day. Though Rory hadn’t had much of an appetite, it came back that night and Rory drove in a blizzard to get sushi while Joey’s sisters helped do her makeup and put on a nice dress.

Together the couple enjoyed Valentine’s Day just like many other couples across the United States: together and happy. One which ended with Joey asking Rory to hold her, just for a while, something they hadn’t been able to do for months due to Joey’s health.

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