Joey + Rory Break Down While Singing About The Ache Of Losing A Loved One In “When I’m Gone”

2011 was a good year for Joey and Rory Feek. They released their third studio album as the duo Joey+Rory, entitled His and Hers. The album was full of emotion, with songs that tugged the heartstrings. Their single, “When I’m Gone”, is a perfect example.

A year after “When I’m Gone” was released, the couple opened up during an interview on, and revealed the inspiration for the touching song. The lyrics were written by a friend, Sandy Lawrence, who’d been going through the trauma of losing a parent.

“It came from one of my dearest friends,” Joey said, “who never had a cut. She wrote that song by herself and she wrote it about her mother who was dying. She was watching her mother pass, and she was so badly needing her mother to tell her those words.

“She needed affirmation that everything was going to be okay after her mom died and she wasn’t able to get it from her, but she wanted to write this to leave to her son and to her husband and to let them know that if anything were to ever happen, everything is going to be okay when I’m gone.”

The song gained even more emotional weight in the wake of Joey’s lost battle with cervical cancer. Now, it’s as if Joey is singing directly to her family, husband Rory and daughter Indiana.

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