John Fogerty & his family rock ‘Proud Mary’ & more CCR hits in ‘tiny’ concert

John Fogerty & his family

The legendary vocalist John Fogerty is best known as the lead singer of the iconic band Creedence Clearwater Revival. He recently performed on NPR Music’s “Tiny Desk Concert” with his 3 kids, Tyler, Shane, and Kelsy Fogerty. He calls them the “Fogerty Factory.”

John Fogerty & his family

John Fogerty and his family perform from their basement studio. They offer their online viewers an excellent and unique performance showcasing their family’s musical talent and their love for music.

The concert begins with Fogerty & his family performing on the baseball-themed solo hit “Centerfield,” which makes the viewers nostalgic for the boys of summer. However, John’s lyrics about the most crucial pastime quickly lift the spirits. In addition, his custom guitar, shaped like a wooden baseball bat, adds a fun touch to the performance.

John Fogerty

In between songs, Fogerty shows off some rare memorabilia from his career. This includes the original equipment case used by CCR at Woodstock in 1969. However, it now functions as his desk. His guitar, which he played on the same stage, is also a part of the original equipment.

The next song the Fogerty Factory launches into is “Down on The Corner.” Again, the 3 children provide the layered instrumentation with the 3 guitars. They also give some minor backup vocals, telling the story about the fictional jug band, Willy, and the poor boys.

John Fogerty & his family

The performance slows down with John’s piano version of “Long as I Can See the Light.” The solo song reminds the listeners that there is always hope, even in the darkest hours. They finished the “Tiny Desk Concert” with a rendition of “Proud Mary,” one of his most popular tracks from the 1960s.

Throughout the concert, the family shared a passion for music. Fogerty’s kid not only provided the backup instrumentation but also showcased their individual musical skills. For John Fogerty and CCR fans, the performance was an event not to be missed, as it showcases some of the band’s most iconic hits in a new and intimate way.

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John Fogerty & his family rock \'Proud Mary\' & more CCR hits in \'tiny\' concert