Johnny Carson gave Tonto a job interview, and I almost died laughing! Hilarious!

In this patented Johnny Carson sketch for The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson decides to interview Tonto for a potential new career after his long years of serving as the Lone Ranger’s sidekick. The concept alone had me grinning and giggling non-stop. I could hardly wait to watch the rest of it!

It sure did not disappoint. Tonto showed up looking just like the famous Indian sidekick. He spoke with an endearing accent – English was his second language. He talked about hunting fish, cooking, risking his life, and his reward was to be allowed to look under the Lone Ranger’s mask!

What specialized skills does Tonto possess for today’s industrialized society? What other languages does he speak? Is he willing to relocate? Naturally Tonto would prefer to go to Toronto!

This little clip is simply good fun comedy. After a full day of reading senseless social media posts and tweets that tried to be funny, watching this sketch was a refreshing change of pace for me. Don’t miss it!

Everybody loved the Tonto character back then, but the fact is that such characters are almost extinct in today’s political correct environment. Half the people would be aghast to hear an Indian character speak Pidgin English, while the other half would probably be outraged to see a native of this land serving a white man in an obsequious manner.  Please don’t, our heads will explode!

Whoever created the kemo sabe phrase that Tonto used to call the Lone Ranger was a genius! I hope his skills are still in demand today. How fondly do you remember Tonto and the Lone Ranger? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!