Tune in for the surprise that had Johnny Carson LOL-ing on New Year’s Eve 1987

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson is also known as the legendary “King of Late Night TV.” He dominated the world of television for around three decades. His popularity on TV grew with “The Tonight Show” as he delivered hilarious monologues, welcomed several celebrities, and introduced newcomers in the industry. Carson’s late-night television show combines humor and enough severe commentary.

The Tonight Show

This makes Carson a model for popular hosts such as Jimmy Fallon & Ellen DeGeneres. One of the clips from the New Year on New Year’s Eve of 1987 has recently gained tremendous popularity because of its hilarity. Johnny Carson & Ed McMahon celebrate New Year’s Eve working together on their talk show and welcome the Smothers Brothers.

McMahon tells Carson that the two have been working together for almost 30 years. To this, Carson responds, “If only we could have done that with other folks,” which was a light-hearted pun about his married life. McMahon could not help but burst out laughing when he heard this reply. Nevertheless, Carson and McMahon happily celebrated the 1987 New Year’s Eve together.

The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show’s remote crews were already at Times Square, New York. They were on their way to Burbank, California, to show people’s excitement during New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, Carson tells McMahon that people kiss their girlfriend or wife every year during New Year’s Eve. However, Carson never had anyone to kiss during New Year’s Eve, as he was working with McMahon.

The co-host did not know how to respond to the question, but he surely could not hold his giggles. The Tonight Show’s remote crew then shared a glimpse of Times Square, where 300,000 people gathered to ring in the New Year on New Year’s Eve in 1987. However, Carson states after watching the celebration clip, “The crowd is awfully quiet, aren’t they” (as the crew could only send the video feed). He further adds, “Couldn’t we pay for the audio too. No Audio. How exciting!!”

The Tonight Show

Later, during the show, Carson and McMahon welcome Smothers Brothers, Tom, and Dick (comedy duo). Tom begins talking to Carson and talks about his New Year’s resolution. He denies sharing the information at first as it is a bit sexual. However, he later adds, “Even I have never had anyone to kiss during the New Year.”

At the stroke of midnight, everyone at the studio, along with Carson, McMahon & their guests, welcome the year with colorful balloons. Carson could not hold his laughter when the Burbank remote crew sent the footage. It was of 3 people sharing a pint of champagne rather than 100,000 people celebrating New Year’s Eve.

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Tune in for the surprise that had Johnny Carson LOL-ing on New Year\'s Eve 1987