This is Johnny Cash in his Christmas show, but wait till you see who joins him on stage!

It’s rather cool to have a Christmas show and sing some of your own songs instead of just Christmas songs. That’s exactly what Johnny Cash did in his 1978 Christmas Special, only it’s doubly cool because he got to sing a song about hangover with Kris Kristofferson. This is a clip of that mesmerizing live performance in Los Angeles.

The song they sang was Sunday Morning Coming Down. After reaching number 1 on the Billboard Country Singles chart for Johnny Cash in 1970, the song would go on to be the Country Music Association’s Song of the Year. It has also been recorded by other country stars Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, the latter of the two wrote this song when he was dead broke.

So now we have the man who made the song famous and the man who wrote the song on the same stage to sing the song together for the best holiday of the year. What more can anybody ask for?

As one might guess, Sunday Morning Coming Down is about hangover. It’s a great country song, and a rather sad song. There’s no glorification or demonization of hangovers here.

The performance of the two stars was mesmerizing. It was natural and understated in a good way, no big drama and cheesy special effects. You simply have to check it out in this clip. It’s impossible not to enjoy this song and the performance.

Since Christmas this year falls on a Sunday, we can say that this song is very relevant even after almost 50 years. If I’m not wrong, that’s how people define relevance.

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