Johnny invites Baby on stage then they start ‘Dirty Dancing’. It’s ‘The Time of Their Lives’

Swayze was accustomed to landing the leads in man riveting films of the 80’s. His resume of incredible work should come as no shock, as the 80’s made sure he would have a place film and entertainment history. Red Dawn in ’84, the action packed thrilled Road House in ’87, and who could ever forget Dirty Dancing.

With an extremely talented cast, working endlessly to support each other and reach the bar that they all set so high, it’s no wonder everyone remembers this absolute classic. Hours of sweat and tears went into the making of this film. There are many conflicting issues that weren’t talked about until the film went public and thanks to Dirty Dancing, another view was revealed.

Jennifer Grey or “Baby,” was enamored by the dirty dancing that she witnessed one night and was drawn into Swazye’s wild side. She became totally enthralled, as he strictly, but intimately showed her the intimacy and connection that could be felt through dance. Many people were too busy with political and economic problems at the time to take notice of this topic, but the ongoing success showed the true power of dance in its rawest forms.

At the time in the mid 80’s so many topics in the movie were a bit controversial and may continue to cause a stir to this day, the feel good ending was the perfect finish to this cinematic classic. While perfect endings in real life are rare, the peak of the movie comes at the most unexpected time. The test of faith that Grey took was bold to say the least, but also a powerful message of hope to inspire an entire generation. The very steamy dancing is still being talked about today while the soundtrack is still a go to staple that was an integral part of the film’s success. With Jimmy Ienner going on to win not only an Academy Award for Best Original Song, but also a Golden Globe and of course THE Grammy!

But that’s not all you’ll get in this video so brace yourself for some very big surprises and then let us know what you think in the comments section. Please share the video with your friends and family alike.