Jolly Jumper blues: 9 month-old twins hear Johnny Cash for the first time

It’s hard to imagine a more adorable set of twins than 9 month-old Reece and Levi. The dynamic duo were literally hanging out in their brand-new Jolly Jumpers when their dad decided they were ready to be introduced to the music of country legend Johnny Cash.

What better introduction to Johnny Cash could there be than his classic song “Folsom Prison Blues”? It’s a ballad that describes a hard life whose twists and turns have led to a long stay in the big house. In 1968, Cash himself famously performed the song on a visit to the actual Folsom State Prison in California. You don’t need to live the kind of life described in this or any other Johnny Cash song in order to appreciate the music, as many millions of fans have over the years. As you’ll see in the video posted below, Reece and Levi plainly loved the tune, understood the rhythm, and had no trouble showing it. They keep that train rolling and throw in some excellent vocals while they bounce their way through Folsom State.

Granted, the song’s lyrics don’t exactly fit with the image presented by Reece and Levi. Try as you might, it’s impossible to picture either of these little fellows ever doing hard time at Folsom. An even crazier notion is that these little sweethearts would go to Reno and shoot a man just so they could watch him die. Yes, kids can have a temper, but even so… These two are adorable twins — not even a year old — and certainly not dangerous outlaws. Nevertheless, there is a certain irony in the fact that they are confined while putting on this unforgettable performance.

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