When Jonathan Winters Described His Rooster Doing Johnny Carson’s Job? I Cracked Up!

Who is the funniest man alive? You’d get at least 5 different answers if you asked 10 persons. The funniest man of the last century, on the other hand, was the late Jonathan Winters. Watch this clip for just an example.

Jonathan Winters had made countless appearances on The Tonight Show. This clip was from one of the later years of Johnny Carson. It was supposed to be all improv, but for 7 minutes straight it couldn’t have been all made-up, right? And he was talking non-stop!

He got a haircut the day before with Eleanor, because that’s what you do when you’re going to do a network show. He felt lucky having a semblance of hair, and he admired Johnny Carson for having no hair problem at all – when you make that kind of money, you don’t lose your hair.

We also learned that Winters kept chickens in his 2-acre ranch, one acre for the chickens and the other acre for his wife of 40 years, whom he was extremely happy to be married to for so long, he was completely programmed. He didn’t eat the chickens, they were for the eggs. He’d bury them when they died of natural causes, and sometimes by wild geese and coyotes who bared all 56 teeth at him.

Some neighbors complained about the roosters, but he marveled at the roosters for their ability to each service 25 to 35 hens.

What’s your verdict? Was any of the above real? I’d say he probably did have the haircut.

Did you know that according to a Stanford University study, 82% of America’s middle school students were unable to recognize fake news on social media? Do you think they would value Jonathan Winters as a comedian or a serious biographer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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