20-Year-Old Pianist Overwhelms Simon With Original Song On AGT

All fans of America’s Got Talent knows just how picky Simon Cowell can be. When a contestant stands on the stage, Simon can be very critical and demanding.

This 20-year-old Tennessee boy, Joseph O’Brien discovered just how right those words are when he was stopped by Simon and told to sing a different song.  Fortunately for Joe, Simon made the right call.

O’Brien’s second attempt was delivered with deep passion and feeling like we’ve never seen before, even more so because it was an original song, written by the boy himself. You can feel the passion in his words and watch as he plays his piano.

At the end of the act, Simon said, “I think it’s so hard to bond when there’s pressure and I think what we just saw with you there is that you’ve got this fighting spirit in you. You’re not just prepared just to take it. You gave something back. I like that.”

The other judges were on board as well. Mel Be, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel along with guest judge Olivia Munn gave the boy what he needs to advance to the next round.

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Watch singer and pianist  Joseph O’Brien deliver a powerful performance and then share his video with your friends on Facebook. He’s that good, folks.

20-Year-Old Pianist Overwhelms Simon With Original Song On AGT