Josh Groban tenderly performs ‘The Impossible Dream’

Josh Groban

International sensation Josh Groban recently held a live-streamed concert to further celebrate the release of his latest album, Harmony, taking fans on a digital trip through his touching music performance.

Josh Groban

One of the songs featured within his Harmony livestream was a breathtaking performance of “The Impossible Dream,” a track featured on Harmony that was initially written by Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh and performed by Richard Kiley.

Josh Groban’s take on “The Impossible Dream” is sensational and memorable and further showcases Groban’s worldwide appeal as he continues to dazzle fans across generations through his vocal talents and song choices.

“To dream the impossible dream/To fight the unbeatable foe,” Josh Groban can do it all while not breaking a sweat. His performance within his Harmony celebration livestream has quickly amassed close to 25,000 views in a short period.

“Absolutely beautiful, and the song goes right to the heart,” one commenter says about Groban’s gripping rendition of “The Impossible Dream,” which is a great trait the international star pulls off easily.

Josh Groban

Accompanying Josh Groban during his fantastic performance is an excellent selection of talented instrumentalists that further skyrocket Groban’s vocal ranges to the heavens, providing support in the best ways.

Josh Groban continues to be impressive, and his clear-cut cover of “The Impossible Dream.” A fantastic performance that Groban’s fans can return to over and over again and be whisked away each and every time.

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Josh Groban tenderly performs \'The Impossible Dream\'