Josh Turner’s 98-Year-Old Grandma Stuns Audience At The Opry With “How Great Thou Art”

Country music sensation Josh Turner has been stealing hearts and winning fans ever since his debut release in 2003. Last February this well-loved artist played a sold out show at the Grand Ole Opry, with a few very special guests in the audience.

Josh’s whole family was out that night to show their support, including his wife of 13 years, Jennifer. Jennifer brought along her own special guest, her 98-year-old grandmother Lois Cunningham.

Lois isn’t just a fan, though. She’s got musical chops of her own. But the audience didn’t know that when Josh made the surprise announcement that Lois would be joining him onstage.

Once onstage, Lois took a few minutes getting comfortable in front of the piano. Josh introduced her to the crowd and said “she’s going to play when she’s ready”. Moment later lois’ fingers hit the keys and immediately mesmerised the audience.

Josh and Lois performed the beloved hymn “How Great Thou Art” for a stunned audience. Her hands floated over the keys with grace and ease, and Josh looked on with an expression of unabashed awe. She was given a standing ovation, and blew kisses out to the crowd as she walked offstage. What an exit!

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