Joyful Deer Finds Weirdest Machine! When Friendly Arborists Plays Along? NEVER Seen a Happier Deer.

Yardwork can be a chore! From gutters to gravel, landscaping is certainly a learned skill. While the work may be hard and certainly not exactly as you may have planned it out, (okay how I planned it out) it usually leaves you with a glowing sense of satisfaction. The dedication you’ve put into your property shows!

Enter this just precious baby deer. So, young and still learning all about the world. Learning about the people in it and how to avoid dangerous situations based of those experiences. Playing along lackadaisically in the park with all his other deer friends. Not a care in the world! Just enjoying the scenery and the life all around. However, while this may be a beautiful life changing moment, it’s rather serious. Not this deer’s style in the least! He’s trying to find something fun to do! All his dear friends are off to the side grazing and licking the dew off blades of grass.

When the adorable deer finally rests on a leaf blower, I was less than impressed. But hey, who am I to a deer? The odd rumbling and hum it emits, the heat it gives off and the air that is propelled forward- all of these factors have caught the deer’s interest and attention. Tenderly putting his adorable mouth up to the blower. Almost instantaneously the deer’s lips and mouth flap and buckle open like a rogue parachute! I certainly wasn’t expecting that! I don’t think he was either!

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