9-year-old STUNS judges with her angelic voice and innocence

I’ve watched her video’s a great many times and I still cannot believe what I hear and see. She’s magnificent. Truly hits some of the most beautiful notes ever.

It seems that talent shows around the world are producing younger and younger starlets each year. It’s a tried and tested format that works every time, as audiences around the world love the story of a super talented young act, and it often seems many talent show participants are trying to out-do each other when it comes to the youngest entrant!

It almost comes as no surprise when a contestant takes to the stage and tells the watching audience and judges that they are somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10, and then they go on to blow everyone away with some mesmerizing act or performance! The people behind these shows know exactly what they’re doing – but we love it nonetheless!

So, when 9-year-old Amira Willighagen took to the stage in the Holland’s Got Talent version of the show, we should have known that something special was about to happen.

Now usually, a young vocalist will serve us with a great version of a pop classic, tug at the heartstrings with a love ballad, or even bust out some hip-hop skills.

But Amira here gives us a near flawless rendition of the traditional aria “Ave Maria.” To put it simply, you’re not going to believe this kid is only 9-years-old!

Dressed as angelically as possible without actually having wings and a halo, Amira delivers a mature and emotional take that is well beyond her years. If this is what she’s capable of now, imagine what she can accomplish in the future! The judges and audience quite rightly recognize her talent with a standing ovation.

Amid thunderous applause, she’s joined on stage by her brother who sweetly presents her with a bouquet of flowers. It’s a lovely moment for the siblings after such a rousing performance that will have the hairs standing on the back of your neck!

She exhibits such power and control you would have thought she was a professional opera singer. Well, she’s definitely going to be one. We can’t wait until she’s performing some of the great works on stage!

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Don’t miss Amira’s stunning vocals in the clip below, and not content with a regular standing ovation, one judge even goes so far as to stand on the desk to applaud the youngster! And after the wonderful praise she receives, it’s surely a moment she will never forget – and we doubt you will too!