Judge Judy puts her foot down when “bully” sues neighbor over fence

Judge Judy

Judge Judy is a judge like no other. She sits in her chair behind her desk and listens to real-life court cases filed in her courtroom. Some of the cases that you can see in her episodes are legitimate claims, and she rules fairly and legally. In others, the lawsuits are so ridiculous that the Judge loses all sense of decorum towards others.

Judge Judy

You may not know this, but she is an actual judge, so her decisions stand as legal orders. She may not act like the judges we have been in front of, and if we were on the receiving end, we might not find things as funny as we do when watching the show. The truth is that we need to have more judges like her.

Judges that do not put up with the ridiculous trend of suing everyone for everything. It may seem like the right way to solve things, and since people can no longer seem to work things out on their own, it is the only legal way to solve an issue. Judges, like Judy, need to step up and let those people that sue for ignorant reasons that they will not be tolerated.

These cases are pointless, and they do nothing except plug up the courts. If you have ever tried to file a court suit, you know how long it takes to get on the docket. The time could be cut in half if people like the man suing over a painted fence worked out with the neighbor.

The legal system is so backed up with these cases that the ones that need to be seen are being pushed back in time. It is hard to get a fair shake when they come before a judge because the presiding Judge is already annoyed by the countless, pointless cases before theirs. It makes it hard to get justice when the Judge is not open to the problem.

Judge Judy

Judge Judy is the type of Judge that we all need to have presiding over our cases. It is funny to watch, and it makes complete sense why she acts the way she does. People who have no reason to be in front of her are trying to push her around to do what they want. Such as the plaintiff who filed a lawsuit against their neighbor due to the color of the paint on the fence.

This type of behavior from a judge is not common, but it is entertainment at its finest. The people on the receiving end of her anger may not be laughing with us, but they get what they have coming to them. If you have a good reason to file a lawsuit, do it. Otherwise, work things out that are as trivial as a painted fence.

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