Judge Judy isn’t happy with quarreling teenage parents

You don’t want to tangle with Judge Judy! And if you get on her bad side, you better look out. That’s precisely what happened when two teenage parents entered the courtroom of the no nonsense TV judge.

Ms. Crosby and Mr. Stevens are both 18 years old, and they have a child together that is five months old. Ms. Crosby lives with her best friend and her mom, and she isn’t working.

Ms. Crosby doesn’t work because Mr. Stevens has called Child Protective Services on her and the police multiple times. She was living with Mr. Stevens before she moved, and she is suing him for 4,000 dollars of property, and false CPS reports.

She wants the baby’s stuff, but he wants the baby’s stuff to stay at his house. Mr. Stevens is allowed to see the baby, but she’s keeping the baby from him. Her lawyer has told her not to let him see the baby. She says she has full custody, but she has no reports of it. There was no trial or hearing, so she doesn’t have full custody by law.

Judge Judy asks Ms. Cosby, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ She responds by telling her Mr. Stevens would cause trouble. Judge Judy tells her to tell her lawyer to make a schedule when her son could see his father regularly.

Ms. Crosby complains about Mr. Steven’s parenting abilities. Judge Judy responds, ‘Well, that’s what happens when two idiot morons have a baby at 17 years old.’ Judge Judy asks, ‘What gives you the physical right to have more custody over that child than the father?’

Judge Judy recaps the facts of the whole case and tells them to get a mediator and figure it out. She sides with Mr. Stevens regarding custody and visitation. The final blow comes when Judge Judy tells Ms. Crosby, ‘Goodbye and grow up.’

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Judge Judy isn’t happy with quarreling teenage parents