Judges are annoyed his act is not going well, a few seconds later, they are stunned!

I have seen some very good auditions on Britain’s Got Talent. I usually like to watch the singing auditions. I started following these programs since the very first one I saw. I remember it clearly, it was Paul Potts’s audition. He did not look like your typical singer, either. He was a mobile phone salesman that had always had a dream: to sing opera.

Self-confidence had always been a major obstacle in Paul’s life. He didn’t think he was good enough to perform on a stage, but since the auditions would be held near his hometown, he figured he might as well give them a try. He went there really not knowing what to expect. He was hanging out by himself backstage when he was approached by one of the show’s reporters.

He told the show staff that he believed he had been born to sing opera. The main prize behind the competition was the chance of performing in front of the Royal family, which is the greatest honor in itself. Although he sees that dream as one he might not be able to reach, he still wants to give it a try. His turn finally arrives, and he heads for the stage.

The first impression he causes on the judges was one of a person with a lot of insecurities. His body language and demeanor reflected a lack of trust in his abilities. You could tell by some of the judge’s reactions that they started to think that it would be one of those auditions where the contestant doesn’t really have what it takes to be there, and they will have to give him the sad news shortly.

Simon is surprised that the contestant had not really tried to give a shot at his dream before and has been selling mobile phones instead. Nevertheless, he decides to give him the chance and the music starts. The entire auditorium goes silent when they realize Paul is singing “Nessum Dorma,” an opera song that can really show if your voice is cut out for it or not. To everyone’s surprise, Paul nailed the song, advanced to the next round, and went on to win the competition.

I thought I would not be caught off-guard again since that audition, but I was wrong. The following video gave me something I was not prepared for. A 60-year-old man from France introduces himself and then makes a special presentation, his dog. Dog acts are very tricky because dog behavior can be very unpredictable. His act starts, and it became obvious very soon that it wasn’t going as planned. Then, he started asking the dog questions and the dog did the unthinkable, he answered back!