Judges aren’t impressed when they start – then this acapella group brings the house down

Britain’s Got Talent has seen a wide range of acts over the course of their extremely popular run, but it’s predominately singers who have impressed the most. Of course, they come in many different levels of ability and skill, some knocking the judges out as soon as they hit the first note, while others take a little bit of time to warm up. Some don’t even warm up at all!

So, it must be extremely nerve-wracking when you start your act and you’re not instantly getting some love from the watching masses – it’s got the potential to put you right off your stride and threatens to ruin everything unless you can keep it together. Especially with the likes of Simon Cowell’s steely gaze boring a hole right through you! The pressure is well and truly on.

Acapella group Band of Voices went through exactly that experience as they made their attempt to get to the next round in the competition. Acapella might not be the most popular musical genre out there and its heyday has long since passed, but there are still groups dedicated to keeping it alive. It is also one of the hardest singing skills to master, as with no backing track or musical accompaniment at all – if you hit a bum note, you’re on your own!

The band starts tentatively with a simple beat that has been done to death while figuring the room out and trying to find their voice – literally! Simon doesn’t look particularly impressed – he’ll have heard hundreds of acapella groups in his time – and you’ve got to be pretty special to elevate yourself above the competition. It’s a good job he sticks with it though – because these guys are about to blow everyone away!

Singing the Jessie J smash hit “Price Tag” – a song which just seems to lend itself to an unaccompanied version, Band of Voices totally nails it – seriously changing the minds of any doubters in the room as a result. Their performance is electric, every note spot on and so, so tight that they must have put hundreds of hours into rehearsing the performance. Their dedication clearly shows!

It’s a slick, polished and sharp act that will no doubt score them legions of fans around the world. Don’t miss this amazing Britain’s Got Talent moment in the video below – and check out the smile on Simon Cowell’s face when he realizes these guys are dynamite!