Judges in disbelief of this young boy’s musical ability

In the next few years a name you will probably hear a lot about is Adrian Romoff. You may well be asking yourself…Who? But believe me that this very talented young man is definitely going places. Adrian is from Atlanta, Georgia and was born in 2005. At the tender age of two-and-a-half he started to show interest in stringed instruments, then started to study piano and music at five-and-a-half. His mother, Olga, has been his primary school teacher, as outside teachers just didn’t work out. She says that it is not unusual for Adrian to read two or three books a week.

Adrian has performed at “Carnegie Hall” three times, that’s more that most performers would do in a lifetime. In 2012, at the age of just seven, he got third place in the “American Protégé International Music Talent” competition. Adrian is not only a talented musician, but he is also academically gifted. At nine-years-old he was in the eighth-grade after skipping three grades. As he says in the clip below, he is going straight to tenth-grade as he has already done the ninth. Truly a child genius.

In 2014 this very gifted young man was accepted into the “Juilliard School of Music” as a classical pianist along with a full scholarship. His story does not end there. In 2016 Adrian was attending high school, now you have to remember, at this stage he is still only eleven-years-old. He even appeared on “lifetimes Child Genius” and won receiving a 100,000-dollar college fund. As I said in the beginning, this young man is someone to watch out for in the near future.

In the clip that you are about to see, a nine-year-old Adrian is auditioning for “Americas Got Talent”. He has decided to play the extremely difficult piece Flight of the Bumblebee. As soon as he hit the first note, the judges and audience alike cannot believe what they are seeing and hearing. The speed at which his fingers are travelling across the keyboard is just amazing. At the end of the piece the entire audience were on their feet, but a confused Howard Stern had some concerns about Adrian’s whole performance.

Howards concern was the soundtrack that Adrian was playing too may be just that, a soundtrack, so Adrian offered to play another piece of music. This time he played the beautiful Grande Valse Brillante in E-flat minor by Chopin. Again another standing ovation, and all of Howard’s concerns flew straight out the window. Howie Mandel even stated “You are the future. You are absolutely brilliant, the way you play, you live that music, I see it coming through your body!” all I can suggest is that you click on the link below and see for yourself just how talented this amazing young man is.