Judges laughed when he came on stage, but before long his unique voice had everyone cheering

Willie Jones, a 17 year-old from Shreveport, Louisiana, made a memorable appearance on the wildly popular talent-spotting television show “The X Factor.” He began by getting everyone to burst out laughing, including the judges. His trick? Knowing that looks can be deceiving! Sporting some highly distinctive clothing and a well-sculpted hairdo straight from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Jones caught everybody off guard when he launched right into a flawlessly delivered country music song.

The incredulous judges’ jaws dropped as Jones sang his country number with a perfect southern twang. Some of Jones’ family members were watching nearby, beaming with pride as he made the most of his big moment on the screen. The live audience greeted the young talent with even more enthusiasm. After initially laughing at his musical sight gag, they quickly came to appreciate just how well Jones was singing country. The least surprising event that evening was surely the judges’ decision to send Jones on to the next round of the competition. And really, how couldn’t they after such a spectacular performance?

Perhaps L. A. Reid put it best, simply stating, “Willie Jones, you are an absolute original.” Simon Cowell, another X Factor judge, offered Jones high praise, telling him, “Your voice is a sensational recording voice. And I want to remember this time: the first day I heard Willie Jones. This is a day to remember, I’m telling you.” We’re convinced the audience, both live at the competition and at home in front of the TV will remember it, too.

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