Judges thought 9-year-old pianist was cheating – how he proved them wrong is incredible

Talent comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. Young Adrian Romoff is no exception. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this 9-year-old concert pianist was the next contender to utterly wow the judges on America’s Got Talent. But not all of them thought he was playing fair!

When Adrian finishes his first performance, where he looks like he’s really feeling the music and it’s moving through him, there is no doubt that the audience were totally in awe of the youngster’s obvious talent and stand to show their appreciation. But judge Howard Stern had his reservations. He couldn’t tell what was Adrian and what was an electronic backing track. And to be honest – in this day and age where terrible musicians and singers can get away with murder just by using technology and auto-tuning, the radio DJ might have had a good point!

Adrian was more than up to the challenge, however, as he offers to play another tune to prove it was, in fact, him playing with no help from a pre-recorded track at all. With some of the audience upset with Stern, they nonetheless cheered at the prospect of the little guy giving them another rendition – and we were too! We could listen to this future star all day long!

Watch how Adrian – with some real, charismatic charm and wit betraying his young years – nonchalantly returns to the keyboard and effortlessly gives us a flawless rendition of Chopin’s “Grande Valse Brillante.” Once again he has the audience in rapture – and this time he’s put Howard Stern firmly in his place!

While Adrian didn’t quite make it all the way to the finals this time, he certainly caused quite a stir and has been offered a scholarship at the prestigious Julliard performance school. With so many famous alumni coming through those doors, we’re sure it’s not the last we’ve heard of Adrian! He’s such a bright spark too, already moving ahead a few grades because his intelligence is on another level, completing high school studies while taking college classes! We’re hoping to see great things from this child prodigy over the coming years for sure!

Don’t miss the video below of him making Howard Stern eat his words! And let’s keep an eye on Adrian Romoff – give him a follow on twitter and Facebook. This young man is going places!