Jules & Matisse Impress Everyone At The Stage Of Britain’s Got Talent!

A well-trained dog is a sign of a genuine bond with its human.  In order for amazing partners to perform all the amazing tricks that you witness at dog shows or many of the plethora of videos online, the trainer needs to devote hours with their furry friend in order to achieve these results. Keep in mind that the best way to get any animal to cooperate with you is through positive re-enforcement; behind every incredible human-dog combination there is an even more awe-inspiring interspecies friendship!

Take Jules O’Dwyer and her dog Matisse, for example. They were the proud winners of Britain’s Got Talent in its 2015 edition.  The video below shows their final show; everything from the amazing stage and the very creative story leaves no doubt to their merit as to their merit of the big prize. Millions of hearts were touched! You’ll see Jules posing as a police officer while Matisse is a street urchin, a “sausage thief”.  The act includes a complex set of physical stunts and of coordinated gags. Elaborated dancing and even a coordinate fight just to unveil the final plot twist that moved the audience!

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