Julia Gargano Sang An Original Song, But Katy’s Reaction? Adorable.

Julia Gargano came to the ‘American Idol’ auditions inspired by other singer-songwriters that had previously been on the show. She brought her own original song, entitled “Growing Pains,” signing her heart out for the judges. Afterward, Katy Perry silently got up to give Julia a hug, showing her just how much the performance meant to her.

Singer-songwriter Julia Gargano came to the ‘American Idol’ auditions from Long Island, New York. She was inspired by other contestants during previous seasons of the show, who showed off their songwriting talent. Julia decided to perform a piece she had written, an original song entitled “Growing Pains.” From the outset it was clear, she is something special.

When Julia finished her song, Katy Perry silently stood up, walked over to her, and gave Julia a big ol’ hug. All three of the judges were impressed with the beauty of the song, with the power of her voice, and the classic sound she brought to bear. Katy said that next year, those auditioning will say they were inspired by Julia because she is a top-five contestant, easy.