Julia Roberts Makes An Appeal For Our Suffering Planet! Global Warming Is Happening!

This 2016 we have already experienced several harsh climatic changes, it is getting harder and harder to deny the effect that our activities have on our planet! Yet it is only when we are directly affected that we come to our senses. If we do not start reacting in ways to prevent further damage quickly, we’ll force our future generation to face indescribable hardship!

For instance, when an earthquake strikes, only then do we worry about the safety of our buildings and homes. We create all these programs to help those affected by a natural disaster after one has happened, rather than in anticipation of one.

The same is happening with global warming. We hear of the dangers and potential effects every day, yet as a society, we don’t take heed of the warnings. The creators of the video below are hoping to change that. They’re hoping that we listen to a personified voice of Mother Nature. It is an interesting way to create not only awareness, but to educate and transmit a feeling of urgency!

Here, Julia Roberts pleads with us to improve the way we treat nature and our ecosystem.

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