At Just 6 Years Old This Little Girl Has Become A Master Horse Rider!

Addison Valley is an adorable 6-year-old girl who loves riding horses. She is already mastered the art of controlling a horse from the saddle in just 3 years. It’s incredible to see someone so young have such control over one of these majestic creatures. This 6-year-old girl has more control over her horse than most adults.

Addison loves her horse and cares very much for him. She even helps with his grooming by brushing him when he needs a good scratch. You can really see the bond that this horse and young lady share between each other.

Not only has she mastered writing the horse but she also knows how to put him through his paces. Watch as this 6-year-old takes a 16-year-old horse out to perform some tricks. This incredible video will leave you flabbergasted.

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