He Was Just Feeding Fishes On The Ramp With His Friends When THIS Thing Jumped Up From The Sea!

Underwater life is beautiful and exciting. It is said that about 95% of our oceans are unexplored. So we can’t be sure of what will surprise us when we are least expecting it. Such surprises can provide us with the moment of a lifetime, as it did for these people. The sea is full of amazing, fascinating creatures, and these people had a close encounter with one while on holiday.

The person in the video knows just how incredible these sea creatures can be from his firsthand experience with one of them. This man works in the Maldives and is feeding the fishes while tourists watch and film the sea life. He is sitting on a ramp in a rather relaxed manner feeding fishes. A sting ray wanders by, minding his own business, but then he becomes curious.

This sting ray seems to be familiar with this feeding routine, and this man seems to be familiar with this sting ray! He’s huge, and he comes right up onto the ramp, out of the water, to be hand-fed by this man! A sting ray’s mouth is on the bottom of his body, so the man has to put his hand under this huge creature to give him a treat.

Incredible. This man even gives the sting ray a pat on the back and lovingly feeds him, like he does this every day. Maybe he does! I think this sting ray has learned to beg and even give a little performance in exchange for a treat.

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