It Just Isn’t Christmas Until You Hear Dean Martin Croon ‘Marshmallow World’

We all have that one special tradition that really starts the holidays off right and gets us in the spirit of the season. For some, it’s when you finally get to bust out all the colourful Christmas lights you’ve collected for a fancy display. Or maybe it’s putting your annual greeting card in the mailbox to send good tidings to all your loved ones. For me, it’s when I dust off my carefully selected playlist of festive songs and keep them on a constant loop until the New Year. Sometimes I can’t even wait for November to roll around before pressing play on the heart-warming tunes. There’s just no way to feel bad when you hear all the goodwill toward man coming out of every jingly-jangly note.

This delightful ditty performed by Dean Martin is one of the first tracks I play when the Christmas season approaches. The charismatic Rat Pack member never fails to make me feel like a kid again when he sings about the “marshmallow world that we live in” and describes all the magical feelings of a fun day in the snow. Dino made sure to include it on his variety show’s Christmas special year after year. It just wouldn’t be the same holiday without him crooning in your ear!

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