He Was Just A Rescue Cat. But When His Human Has A Heart Attack, Watch What He Does!

Claire Nelson adopted Rusty the cat from the Humane Society of Berks County. Rusty is a fairly elderly cat and no one expected much energy out of him. Claire was quite happy just having a few lazy cuddles on the couch.

But one day Claire felt very sick with what she thought was indigestion. Rusty became very anxious – although Claire didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Claire said, “Every time I tried to sit down or go back to bed and lay down, the cat would jump up on me, put his paws on my leg – pawing at my chest, letting out these horrible meows. It was totally out of character for him.”

Parley motivated by Rusty’s concern Claire called the doctor and made an appointment. Waiting at the bus station things progressed very quickly and she called 911. It turned out that Claire had been experiencing a heart attack and Rusty had known and tried to warn her.

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