He Just Wanted To Help This Elder Man, But He Never Expected What Happened Next!

In most mass media such as TV and cinema, elder people are usually presented as gentle, delicate folks who only like sleeping and getting up early, old timey hobbies such as knitting or older board games, and a long etc. That might apply to some people, sure, but it’s definitely not the norm.

Everyone was young once, and it’s not that difficult to keep that youthful spirit alive throughout your golden years. As we’ve seen in many other videos before, grandparents can be full of surprises and amazing skills you’d never expect from an older person. Just watch the grandpa in the following video, I bet you’ve never seen something like that before. His condition doesn’t stop him from pulling off a hilarious prank!

The video below shows us something you definitely wouldn’t see your average grandpa Joe do every day. It was all made possible by the famous prankers The Royal Stampede, but the grandpa stole the show completely. Only prepared with a mask, and his own wheelchair that he uses every day, he’s making the entire world laugh now that this video has gone viral on the internet.

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