He Just Woke Up, But What He Does When He Wants To Get Out Of Bed? Even His Dad Is SHOCKED!

Little kids are awesome. This tiny baby featured in the video below is only eleven months old, but the logic and reasoning power of this guy is incredible for his age. Wait till you see what he did when he woke up from his nap. He wanted to get out his bed, and after carefully assessing the situation, he finally finds a genius solution!

Francisco Aguilar posted this clip of his smart toddler getting out of bed and it went viral instantly. I mean how many eleven month olds have you seen do something like this? No wonder his parents are so proud of him! He very well might be one of most clever babies I have seen in my whole life! Prepare to be amazed!

This clip is entitled “My Son the Genius” and he may very well be right! I don’t know that many babies this young could figure out this method of getting out of bed. This baby was asleep on his parent’s big bed, which is a little bit high off the ground, but not much. It’s two mattresses on the floor. But the baby, when he tried the first time to get out of bed, decided it was a little bit too high for him.

So what does this baby do? He finds an ingenious way to bring the ground up to his level and break his fall, all at the same time. I’m not going to tell you what he does. You have to watch and see for yourself.

Watch the video below. Notice how he tests the fall with his pacifier first? Share your thoughts about this clip in the comments!


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