K9’s Human Partner Was Killed in a Crash… What The Dog Did Next Moved Me To TEARS!

Blek, a trained K-9, and his partner, Lt. Eric Eslary, were driving while being on duty. A drunk driver hits them. Sadly, Lt. Eric Eslary passed away after the fatal collision. Blek though was somehow spared, and got away with a broken leg.

After being found and taken to the vet, Officer Blek had surgery and was treated. Though his leg is semi-paralyzed, Blek is undergoing intensive physiotherapy so that one day he can use his leg again! He is now staying with his partner’s wife protecting her and her kids.

Ligonier Township Police Chief Mike Matrunics said Blek will no longer work as a K9 officer, and an official retirement ceremony is in the works.

That dog never gave hope and is now doing so much better. I can’t wait to see him have his honorary ceremony.

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