Katy Perry Says Jonny West Will Go Further Than His Girlfriend Margie Mays

Jonny West came to the ‘American Idol’ auditions with his lovely girlfriend Margie Mays. While they were both auditioning, it was clear to the ‘Idol’ judges that Jonny had something truly special. When he finished singing a song he wrote himself, all three had something to say about his talent.

Jonny West came to the ‘American Idol’ auditions to support his girlfriend, contestant Margie Mays. He actually sat and played piano for her audition, but when it was time to stand on the oval alone, he showed the judges that his talent speaks for itself. Jonny sat down back at the piano and played a song he wrote himself.

From the first few notes, you could watch Jonny come alive. It’s clear he’s a natural showman, turning on the charisma as some turn on a light bulb. Then during the middle of the song, he broke into spoken word rap, and it was something truly special. Katy Perry said she thought he would probably go farther than Margie, and Lionel said he had anointed them with his talent.