Katy Perry’s Disney Dumbo Singalong Is Magical Family Fun

Katy Perry has to be one of the most vibrant singers around, and you’ll soon agree after seeing her sing “Baby Mine” from Disney’s “Dumbo.” There’s no one better to lead a fun Disney Family Singalong.

It’ll be impossible to stop yourself from getting swept along for a magical ride by this Disney Family Singalong featuring Katy Perry. Dressed as Dumbo, she sings the touching classic “Baby Mine” from Disney’s feature film.

Katy gives a deep, powerful performance that compels you to see along despite the song being famous for being a heart-wrenching classic. Between Katy’s and her dog’s costume and the emotional delivery, it’s sure a unique Disney rendition to remember.

There are so many touching parts to this heartwarming singalong. Her beautiful performance has it all – even her puppy looks like it’s about to tear up and cry. Now that’s how you project feeling.

Katy Perry\'s Disney Dumbo Singalong Is Magical Family Fun