How To Keep Neighborhood Cats Warm In The Winter

Cat Shelter How To MakeWinter might be a little bit away from now, but it’s never too early to learn how to take care of our furry friends.

If you live in a cold area that gets unusually chilly in the winter, you might want to consider some precautions for your feline friends at home.

Cat Shelter DIYThis video will show you a fantastic way to take care of them, and they are sure to appreciate it. This is as innovative as it is smart.

The best part of the man’s fantastic solution is that it probably took him less than half an hour to finish the whole thing, and it could make a big difference for not only his cats, but all of the others who lived around the neighborhood as strays.

This simple, yet innovative solution could help provide numerous feral cats with a warm place to sleep on cold, winter nights.

Gathering the components for the project is the trickiest part: you need a plastic tote with a lid, a Styrofoam box that has a top, a knife, and clean straw or hay. He cuts a hole in the tote and puts the cooler inside and cuts a hole in it to match. This is the opening the cats can enter through. He fills it with straw, puts both lids on, and voila!

This is cat tested and owner approved! His cat seems like he might want to keep it for himself.

You can watch this shelter’s construction, along with the quality control testing by the kitty Marmalade, in the video right below. If you like this solution, remember to share it with your friends on Facebook.

If you think this is a great idea, then share it because our feline friends deserve to stay warm in the winter.

How To Keep Neighborhood Cats Warm In The Winter