Keith Urban Is Moved To Tears By Kelly Clarkson’s Heartbreaking American Idol Performance

Keith Urban Opens Up On Tearful American Idol

Kelly Clarkson is an American Idol for many reasons.  She brought down the house on the Finale of American Idol, and her performance came straight from the heart as she brought everyone to tears.

The song she sang was about a child telling his father about how he felt when he left them when he was 6.  The lyrics alone make most people emotional.

Kelly ClarksonThe performance was just Kelly and a piano accompaniment so you could feel the emotions with every single lyric she sang.  Her facial expressions also told the story, and she continued that stage presence throughout the entire song.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Kelly was not the only one feeling emotional.  The fans in the audience could be heard several times during the performance applauding and shouting her praises.  Kelly was pregnant during this performance which is why she felt she was so emotional herself.

When she completed the song, she received a standing ovation, and the crowd was chanting her name.  She was definitely the favorite to win from an audience perspective.

The judges also stood and applauded her and then the camera panned to Keith Urban who was also in tears.  He felt the emotion of her performance, and so did a few of the other judges, and they are seen wiping away tears.

The announcer comes over to speak with Kelly Clarkson and puts his arm around her.  He then tells her that he could tell she was singing with pure emotion.  Kelly apologizes for crying on stage and blames it on being pregnant.  She did say though that she is so proud of making it this far.

It was evident by the audience and judges reactions that Kelly Clarkson was about to make history once again with her superstar talent.

Keith Urban Explains His Tearful Reaction

Keith Urban Is Moved To Tears By Kelly Clarkson\'s Heartbreaking American Idol Performance