Kelly Clarkson Reinvents A Classic Carol With This Electric On-Stage Show

'Underneath the Tree' by Kelly Clarkson‘Underneath the Tree’ starts off with such power and flow that you instantly know that it has to be Kelly Clarkson singing. This video shows you behind the scenes snaps of what it takes to put such joy out into the world. As one of the most popular tracks from her ‘Wrapped In Red’ album, this live performance gives fans a more personal look at their favorite star & song.

Backed by a full orchestra, Kelly lets loose on stage sharing a message of Christmas spirit and good tidings shared through a rendition of one of the most iconic holiday songs ever heard. The way that she imbues feeling into every word leaves on with a heartwarming Christmas song that has to be heard.

You’ll be utterly amazed by both the flawless vocal talent of Kelly Clarkson and the way that she has managed to elevate the legendary Christmas carol ‘Underneath the Tree.’ From the cinematography and set work to the amazing full ensemble supplying a richness of sound deserving of this artist’s talent – it’s a holiday performance that you’ll never forget.