Kelly Clarkson Sparkles In This ‘White Christmas’ Duet

A Duet of White Christmas by Kelly Clarkson & Lea MicheleThe Kelly Clarkson Show is always full of surprises, making Christmas time rather precarious for unexpecting guests. Kelly’s ‘Ambush Christmas’ surprise caught Lea Michele, cornering her into a duet. The impromptu harmony that these two stars put together while singing a ‘White Christmas’ was unbelievable!

The broadway talent of Lea Michele shows us richness and range that has been in development since this child actress starting appearing in prominent productions like Les Misèrables, Ragtime, and Fiddler on the Roof. Her voice combines with the sultry sound distinctive to Kelly Clarkson in a harmony that can only be described as heavenly.

Our dreams will all be a little merrier, and a little brighter, when we turn to this duet from Kelly Clarkson and classically trained singer-superstar Lea Michele. ‘White Christmas’ has never sounded more beautiful, while at the same time being transported and elevated to a contemporary appeal and modern sound.

Kelly Clarkson Sparkles In This \'White Christmas\' Duet