Remember When This Miss America Contestant Stepped On Stage In Nursing Scrubs? Truly Inspirational!

The second night of Miss America preliminaries was held in Atlantic City last week. Almost all the contestants onstage were wearing dazzling costumes, with one exception. Kelly Johnson was wearing her nursing scrubs when the other girls were showcasing their singing, dancing, and musical talents for the talent competition. Miss Colorado delivered a unique monologue about her experience as a nurse with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient.

When she stepped onstage in her nurse’s scrubs, people were stunned. And when she was finished, people were moved. Regardless of whether she wins the ultimate title, to many people, Kelly has already won. Kelly is a graduate of Grand View University where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in 2015, finishing valedictorian. She now works as a registered nurse.

Watch her genuine monologue in the video. Did it move you? Tell us in the comments!

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