Kid Is Surprised By His Soldier Dad, It’s Impossible Not To Cry

These kids weren’t expecting their parent’s home so soon. Each of these soldiers had to plan far ahead to transform their kids’ day with the biggest, most heart-wrenching homecoming reunion you’ve ever seen. Everyone played along to make it happen!

A regular day at the amusement center turned into the surprise of a lifetime when this soldier’s plan panned out, allowing him to unleash a massive surprise on her daughter but arriving home unexpectedly. All the planning was made worth it – just wait for her reaction.

This is just the first of these heartwarming homecoming surprises. The touching sight of soldiers and family reunited is exactly what we all need to raise cheer and lift spirits. There’s just no expecting those reactions!

From being surprised at school to taking the homecoming to a surprise “meeting” – each reunion seen here is filled with overwhelming joy and tangible emotion that makes it clear just how much each of these people were missed.

Kid Is Surprised By His Soldier Dad, It\'s Impossible Not To Cry