Kid With Down Syndrome Lands Big Ad Campaign With OshKosh B’Gosh But First He Was Rejected

The story of Asher Nash, a handsome 16-month-old boy, turned viral in early 2016 after being rejected by a modeling agency in the state of Georgia, United States and later, after his mother did not gave up, managed to become in the advertising star of a well-known children’s clothing firm.

“Having people with special needs in the ads shows the world that they are just as valuable as any other,” said in some occasion her 27-year-old mother, Meagan Nash, to CBS News. And she’s right.

When Meagan got a rude and negative response from the first modeling agency, she refused to accept it and shared photos of her son on Facebook to tell about the bad and sad experience she had just had. In addition, it sought to be considered for an advertising campaign of the brand OshKosh B’gosh in order to raise awareness about children with disabilities. All children have the same rights, regardless of their health condition.

OshKosh B’Gosh heard about Asher’s story and they recently went to meet Asher´s family. His pictures will be featured on OshKosh B’Gosh’s website, social media pages, and in their email blasts.  And this cute baby deserves it all and even more!

This famous children’s clothing company completely agreed with what the mother thought and decided to invite the child as a model for a 2016 holiday announcement. Meagan added that OshKosh was impressed by her media campaign and congratulated her raise her voice and defend her child’s rights.

They also want Asher to continue working with Down Syndrome organizations, with the clothing store and it is hoped that this little model will help to put an end to many misconceptions about children who have this condition.

To date, a large number of people have praised OshKosh for introducing the child with Down Syndrome and people is hoping that he will not be the only one.  Watch this inspirational, cute and touching video and tell us what you think. Do not forget to leave your comments. We love to know your thoughts!

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