Kidnap attempt is foiled by quick thinking – you really need to know how

Many parents will know that their children don’t always listen to them – especially when they’re going through those difficult teenage years and you just can’t seem to get anything right! But this is one situation that proves that even though it might seem like they’re ignoring you – they are subconsciously learning some lifesaving advice!

Jordon Dinsmore is a student at the University of South Carolina, an area which has seen an alarming rise in kidnapping and assault in recent years. Attacks have been taking place at off-campus housing areas, and students have been warned to be extra vigilant. Jordon had finished work one evening when she was jumped by three men as she exited her vehicle. Her assailants were armed, and they forced her back into her car.

They followed the usual M.O of such attacks and ordered Jordon to drive to an ATM and steal as much money as they possibly could. The criminals have then been known to assault their victims, and they continued to force Jordon to go against her will. But luckily, it was at this moment the student remembers some very important advice that her mom gave her.

“Never let an attacker take you away from the public eye.” As Jordon emotionally recalls in a press conference in the footage below, her mother was attacked herself and managed to heroically fight the man off, and later passed on this sage advice to her daughter. As her mother also explains – she never knows when Jordon is listening, but this is one time she clearly was!

And what excellent advice it turned out to be. Jordon left her seatbelt unbuckled, and before she could allow the perpetrators to force her to drive somewhere secluded, she made a daring leap from the vehicle as it was still moving. She got lucky again when neither of the remaining attackers could drive a manual transmission, and she managed to notify the police shortly after. It wasn’t long before men matching the criminal’s description were in custody – the same men responsible for the recent crime spate in the area.

Officer’s dubbed Jordon “James Bond” for her quick-thinking stunt, all thanks to her mom’s persistence in giving her potentially lifesaving advice. Watch her incredible story below and pass on these words of wisdom – you never know when they might come in handy and help you or your loved ones, and as the reporter says – “talk to your kids – you never know when they might be listening!”